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There are not too many guys looking for girls with dicks so when these shemales finally get a chance to have sex they go wild! Both partners get ther cocks sucked and some would rather get anal fucked rather than give it. There is also twice as much cum to go around!


After I logged onto Tranny Hunt, I saw that their member's area was very easy to use and get around in. The updates are located right on the front page. You can go a step further and sort them by the trannie's name or by the popularity of the video since each member can rank the videos from one to five stars. In addition to the movies with trannies in them, you can also watch free DVD's that are included in your subscription which is a great incentive. Another thing I found pretty nice was the fact that you could leave feedback to the webmasters who run the site. At Tranny Hunt you are able to download or stream each movie. You can stream the whole movie in Flash, or download it and watch it in Windows Media Player or QuickTime. If you rather watch clips, you can do that as well. The clips are no more than a couple minutes long and you can even download them if you want (excluding Flash). They are presented in .WMV high or low, and .MPG low. The DVD's will be able to be watched in Flash high or low bandwidth or streamed in Windows Media Player. Tranny Hunt is a great bang for its buck. I was disappointed that I couldn't watch the flash videos in full screen but I was happy I could download the whole movie or just watch the clips. They don't have a ton of videos just yet but they are updating often and the free DVD's will keep you busy in case you watch all of the movies they have already.


You might think it is hard to find a tranny to have some fun with but these guys over at Tranny Hunt will find them left, right and center. These trannies do a whole assortment of things with other trannies, regular guys and sometimes they engage in full blown threesomes!

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