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Review for site Too Many Trannies


These trannies are so cock hungry that they'll do just about anything. There's lots of blowjobs, hardcore anal fucking and cum. Get satisfied as you watch these dirty trannies in action!


For a tranny website, Too Many Trannies has a lot to offer. They have tons of videos on there, but they are not all about trannies. You even get access to bonus DVD's of just about every DVD that Hustler ever made. If videos aren't your thing or if you like to mix things up a little, you can check out their photos. While there is no way to sort through the different scenes (which is a bit of a let down), when it comes to their DVD's there are plenty of options such as sorting by models name, the DVD's title, or the niche of the DVD. You can also add the best movies to your favorites to easily find them again, or just look up the name of your favorite model to find her select scene. The quality of Too Many Trannies scenes are average, which can be a bit of a disapointment. The top streaming rates are between 1200 kbps and 1700 kbps, but they also have 128, 384, and 768 kbps for slower internet connections. If you are going to take time to download them (which is available in .WMV format only) I suggest that you go big with the top quality, unless you are on dial-up. You can stream them right from the site though in .WMV or QuickTime format. There is also Flash available which is starting to become popular for watching movies to save hard drive space. Hustler has been known for finding great looking girls, and this carries over to finding great looking trannies. Even if you have a slight desire for trannies, I recommend checking it out since you also get access to DVD's covering every different niche that you can think of.


If you have a craving for Trannies, then there is no such thing as too many trannies, but Too Many Trannies does have a lot of them that will keep you busy. They are mainly tranny DVD's broken up in different scenes, but that is better than going out and buying the DVD's at full price!

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