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The action at 'Tera Patrick' varies from masturbating solo and lesbian scenes to multiple people anal gangbangs. Tera isn't afraid of some serious action. Her amazing big titted body and cute exotic face going wild on girls and cock is very well covered here.


Even though this the official Tera Patrick website, it's also part of a much larger network, so while you do get some extras of the solo babe herself, there is also an overwhelming amount of content that includes over 1000 DVDs in various hardcore niches. Some of the Tera extras include a brief bio of how she came into porn, a short list of her favourite things and a full video interview where you can learn a whole lot more in the 16-minute length of the interview. She writes a journal and she also includes candid photos with the entries. Usually she writes of clubs she's gone to, new movies she's filming or sometimes just about going shopping. Certainly, it's a lot more than most stars of her status include on their official sites. Updates come around every seven days and currently you can look forward to 350 sets of fantastic photos. There's nothing amateur about these pictures. They're highly styled with bang-on glamour lighting and locations, sets and themes that are constantly different. Whether she is posing in a boxing ring or teasing us in a lesbian domination set, the one thing about Tera is that she knows how to catch the eye. The 1200x800 images are easily viewed online and there are backstage photos ass well. Movies are more explicit and include well over 64 DVD titles. These are really easy to navigate by movie title, category, series and other models that appear in any one of her films. The movies come with screengrab pictures and there are typically five scenes per DVD. You can download to disk or there is a streaming option for those who don't really want to wait. While there is a lower-quality option, the 2190Kbps 720x528 Windows Media videos are your best bet for quality. Tera is a stunning woman and not only a pleasure to watch, but she's totally addictive when she has sex.


If you haven't at some point in time heard of Tera Patrick, then I'm thinking you must be relatively new to the world of pornstars. Tera comes from Thailand, which seems to be a hotspot for churning out beautiful babes. She's performed in over 100 films and this is her official site.

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