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Have you ever been with a girl show cums so hard, she blows in your face? The ultimate fantasy of horniness. And this is exactly what these girls do! Watch threesomes or bigger groups, with commonly more than 1 or 2 girls, who are get fucked and masturbated in every which way, to be able to deliver their pussy juices to the other girl - who then catches it and swallows it ;). Easier said than done!


Swallow Squirt is part of the Porn star Network. They recently completely revamped their members area into a tube site style looking members area. The total network consists out of 56 websites, all niched. By getting access to any of the sites, you get access to all the content at once.


Catch me if you can! These squirted pussy juices are calling your name! Watch true sluts get fucked and masturbate in every position possible, only to deliver - and delivering they can. True squirt champions are shooting large streams of cunt juice towards other girls - who then catch it with their mouths and swallow it. A crazy concept, which includes crazy women, but not only highly erotic to watch,.. also very entertaining.

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