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This is a pornsite where You can find photos and videos of hottest ladies pee indoors and outdoors, posing and caught by spycams, professional actors and real amateur girls. These beautiful and sexy girls wanna pee. Hothead chicks don't really care about the place where they can pee. They just choose any place, which seems to be rather safe from being caught or seen by someone, and start to pee.

So, Pee Hunters gives you unique chance to witness amazingly hot and sexy chicks pee in all imaginable places. You will find tons of outdoors pissing scenes, unforgettable episodes with loveliest ladies pee in toilets and many other scenes dedicated to beautiful peeing ladies.

I have never met something what I would love better than this site. This site really rocks. I simply lose time perception when I'm watching next beautiful lady lower her skirt or trouses, then panties, then squat and start to pee in front of the spycam. Wow! Feel the same pleasure or even something hotter and sweeter.


You will find all the picture galleries of the site cracking attractive. No doubt, you will be greatly impressed on watching most beautiful ladies pee on spy cameras. This site gives you an opportunity to watch approximately 161+ Photo Shoots (avg. 70 pics each).

Pictures are not of high quality. But I think this fact won't stop you from enjoing these amazing scenes. Inside this site you won't find small and large pictures, ZIP files, model index or high-resolution pictures.

There're approximately 42 videos. Each video lasts for about 5 minutes only, but I think you will get your nuts off long before the movie is over. You can download videos to your computer or watch them online. All the scenes are full, though there're no multi-bandwidth and video captures. The only one video format of all the videos here is MPEG.

Bonus sites are available to current members after 3 consecutive days of membership. Pee Hunters actually proves that the site has got more of advantages rather than disadvantages. For all pee hunters this site will give everything you love. Even hottest stories are included with the membership. Better don't think too long if you want to get your jollies right away - visit the site and see what it can provide you with.


As a matter of fact, there's hardly anyone who can keep from laying a fart while such a beautiful cuties show their pussies and piss in front of the spy cams, without knowing that everything they do is captured on cameras. Come and see hot chicks take a leak before spycams at Pee Hunters.

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