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The action is pretty standard. These MILF's will suck cock, pussy fuck, take it up the ass and have no problem recieving cum wherever you wanna shoot it. The big difference to me is they seem more horny than the guys fucking them! True MILF mentatlity!


Once you log in you will be able to see the first page of the most recent update and can then browse page by page right there. You can also click the Movies tab at the top sort all the movies by the models name, the date it was added or the popularity. In addition to watching some great MILF's get banged, you also get access to some very nice free DVD's. If movies aren't your thing or you want to mix things up, you can also check out the high resolution pictures. They are fantastic! The movies can be streamed or downloaded. You can stream the entire movie in Flash, or you can download the movie and watch it in either Windows Media Player or QuickTime. If you rather watch or download the short clips you can do that as well. The movies are displayed in .WMV or .MPG. When you choose .WMV it has the option of high or low quality while .MPG has only the low quality option. Finally, you can stream the clips in Flash as well. The DVD's can be played in .WMV, or you can watch the Flash version in either High or Low bandwidth mode. I loved the idea of Mommy Loves Cock. While they feature MILF's in every video, they mix things up and get new ideas by presenting it. With the free DVD's that you get, you will not have to worry about subscribing to any other porn site because you will get it all in one!


Mommy Loves Cock is a MILF website that features some very hot and big breasted mommies that are looking for a cock other than their husbands while their kids are away. Sometime these mommies play together or invite their daughter to play along!

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