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Old men get lucky on Jurassic Cock. They may have old cocks but they still work. What we get to see are incredibly hot teen babesgetting fucked by these Dinosaur cocks. This might be the last time they ever get laid! And we're letting them get nasty with some of the youngest pussy available on the market. That's thekind of sex that makes the whole family think Grandpa has gone crazy.


Today we are checking out this brand new website named Jurassic Cock! First thing that comes to mind is WOW. These are some hot ass teens! And when it sinks in a bit, what a great website! These teens show us that they are very slutty and will take on any cock that is put in front of them.


Today it's the older guys that get lucky. They have wrinkled dicks but can still get it up! I don't know how much Viagra they took, but definitely enough to give these youngsters a fuck of a lifetime! They lift them up, throw them around and bang them sideways. These old guys know what to do and it makes for an awesome website!

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