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You will have the pleasure to enjoy tons of amateurs that don't have a clue what they are doing, because they did not have porn to watch and learn from while growing up. The content is mostly dominated by lesbians, groupsex, bondage and punishment.


I noticed that Enter The Hardcore has a very simple design. The most recent updates (which aren't really “recent�…) are on the front page. You can click the movie link at the top to sort the videos by popularity or the model name. You could also click a letter at the top to view all the videos with models name start, etc. Subscribing to Enter The Hardcore will also give you access to some modern DVD's as well. Videos are not all they have either. They have enhanced photos that they must have spent thousands of hours scanning because there were no digital cams back then. The movies quality is what you would expect depending on the era it was filmed in. Even though they have .WMV in either high or low quality, the movies are basically the same quality because they are so old, but it really gives you the feel of an older movie. You can also watch it in .MPG low quality, or flash. You can stream the individual clips or download them and they usually span from 30 seconds to about 2 minutes. You can also just download the whole movie, or stream the whole movie in Flash. Enter The Hardcore is probably one of the best retro porn site there is. They offer an array of different niches (lesbians, hardcore, bondage, threesomes, etc.) The video quality could get on some peoples nerves but I believe it brings out the feel of things. One great thing about Enter The Hardcore is the fact they give you access to a great DVD collection.


Enter The Hardcore is a porn site that you most likely have not seen before. You will see lots of hardcore retro porn. Some movies are from the 70's, 60's, 50's, and some are even older than that!

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