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Watch really desperate girls get fucked just to get into the US! There is virtually nothing these Latina's won't do. Come and experience the variety of action today!


When you first log in you will see all of the new updates on the home page. There is a way to sort the movies if you click the "Movies" link at the top. There you can sort it by the models name, the date it was added, or by the popularity (5 star to 1 star). As a special bonus for being a member of Border Bangers, you will also get access to a nice collection of some DVD's. The last option for viewing these beautiful Latina's is by checking out the high resolution pictures. There are many different options to watch the video. First you can play it in Flash (either a clip or the whole video) but not download the Flash version. You can watch or download it also in .WMV high or low quality, or finally in .MPG (QuickTime) low quality. You can choose to watch the clips which are usually about a minute long, or you can watch the whole movie. It will take some time to download depending on your internet connection, but you will be able to watch the whole movie without any mouse interaction. Border Bangers has more than just a great name. The girls here really are attractive, and the fact that you get special bonus DVD's for free is an eye catcher. Sure they might be old, but it is a special thank you gift that you cannot overlook. After all, the more porn the better, right? If you bought those DVD's separately, it could easily cost you hundreds of dollars.


The name says it all when it comes to Border Bangers. These Latina girls are fresh off their feet from Mexico and want nothing else but to enter the United States and are litterly into doing anything to get int... At the border they quickly learn everything is for sale, even their own pussy. Ready for some American dick, they make sure the Border Patrol goes home satisfied every day.

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