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Come watch these girls show off their bodies and masturbate their perfect pink pussies. The name of the game on 1000 Orgasms is to watch these girls ride a sybian until they explode. And explode they do!


The updates are listed as soon as you log in, which for most members is a great feature since you do not have to go searching. However, if you want to sort through the movies, then you must click on the Movies tab at the top. There you can sort it by popularity, models name, or the date it was added (standard). They also have pictures that you can look at from each scene which are considered "High Resolution". Besides the photos and the movies regarding the site, you also get free DVD's to watch that cover an array of niches. Whenever you click on the movie you will have several different options on how you want to watch them. Firstly you can stream the movies that are divided up into several different parts in .WMV, .MPG or flash. When you watch it in .WMV you can watch them in High or Low quality. .MPG is only available in Low, and flash is standard. Unless you have dial up I suggest watching them in High. You can also watch the whole movie in Flash, or you can download the full movie in .WMV or .MPG format. 1000 Orgasm is a great site. It is a toy site, but they take it to the extreme. I really felt as if these girls were having real orgasms and it almost seemed as if they enjoyed these rubber cocks better than the real deal!


Some guys can just get off as they watch girls have an orgasm and 1000 Orgasms capitalizes on that. While these are not girls getting real dicks, there are girls getting fake cocks that can make them scream at the top of their lungs! Which is something that would be really difficult to replicate since our cocks do not vibrate!

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