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You probably heard of magic carpet, magic lamps and even magic wants, but we've got to admit that Magical Feet is new to us, right? Let me introduce to you this website called Magical Feet. Well this isn't like what you see in the fairy tales because these Magical Feet is totally different! Babes here are very talented and have passion in what they do, they are not using any card tricks or bunnies coming out of their hat but they use their skill in their feet and make us drive crazy and cum! Make sure that you're well prepared from what you are about to see, you're in for a big and magical treat!


The website looks nice, the color is compatible with one another. Starting with the homepage every links and parts are self explanatory and users won't have any problem using it. Upon logging in you won't be in the Magical Feet website right away, you'd be directed to Bang Bros homepage but it won't be a problem. All you have to do is go to the All Websites link and you will find the Magical Feet website, just select it and let the magic begin. This is actually the most simple porn website the I've seen, with the navigation and search bar at the top of the page which is always present so you'll never get lost wherever you are and there is also a series of links wherein you will see on what on what page you are already which is very convenient so members won't get lost or will be able to go back to the same page. Magical Feet have a total of 183 episodes that are available for watching online or downloading. Downloading formats are WMV, MP4 and Mobile which is really great as it gives lots of options for the users. When it comes to the quality members have the options to choose from Light, Medium and HD. Each videos comes with a photo gallery that is divided into two categories first is Screen caps which I find very interesting to look at, as it gives you more time to look at your favorite model or look back at the scenes. And the other one is made for viewing purposes and pictures that are not from the episode. Photos can be viewed online individually or can also be downloaded in a zip file.



Magical Feet have very good episodes. They're very unique and it's really nice to watch something different from what you can usually see in porn. Their models are all beautiful no wonder they've been to the quality control of Bang Bros. One downside that I found here in Magical Feet is that there seems to be no updates coming in since February and we really don't have any idea on when it's going to be updated again. They have pretty decent amount of episodes to see it's just that we will be looking for more one way or the other, one great thing about it is that it is a part of the Bang Bros network so if you'd be running out of episode to watch, just click all the other website in the network and let the fun continue!

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