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Review for site Leg Action

Leg Action is a part of the Swank Magazine network so all the models will not be found anywhere else. These babes with long legs have fantastic boobs and enjoy lesbian, couple, group and most of all anal sex!


Whenever you log into the Leg Action members section you see a lot of different links and pictures which may look a little confusing but it really isn’t. They let you know when the next update is coming, and they post all the most recent updates right on the front page. If you click on movies, you can view all the movies ever added. Sort them by the most recent, models name, or by popularity (which is probably the best). Once you find a video or photo set you like you can add it to your favorites and just click it at the top to watch it whenever you like. Whenever you become a member you also get to see all of the Swank Magazines right from your computer screen. Depending on what video you watch, there are different options when it comes to viewing the videos. Some videos you have the option of viewing in .WMV in high, medium, or low quality. You also have the flash format with the same options. However, not all movies have the same options. You can download the videos but not the whole video unless you download it for your iPod. You can download each individual part though. Overall, if you love girls with great looking legs then you will love Leg Action. These girls are beautiful, plus you basically get a free digital magazine subscription of one of the best magazines!



We guys go crazy over those girls with long beautiful legs. We love the way they shine in the light, the way they feel so smooth, and especially what those long beautiful legs lead up to. Leg Action promises to deliver girls with exactly that. They show girls with gorgeous legs getting pounded, playing with themselves in stockings, and a whole array of different poses.

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