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Review for site Foot Fetish Pass

With Foot Fetish Pass you can count on some serious feet action ;). Watch lesbian girls lick each others toes and feet, see guys get real good quality footjobs - from beginning to end! Or watch how girls behave with their feet on the streets. This network has a great portfolio of 7 sites all focussed on one thing only and that's the female feet!


Foot Fetish Pass gives you access to a network of several sub niched foot fetish websites. Each websites focuses differently on this niche, so if you love feet then you should definitely stick around and read a bit more. Each of the individual sites have 100% exclusive scenes, especially shot for this website, which gives a special flavor to the fetish. There is for instance "I'm barefoot", or "Under her Foot" which clearly focuses on men who get stepped on and get feet pushed in their face to lick and kiss them. Check out the titles below this review to see which sub niches they explore.



Even though the entire network is not that huge, with just over 150 movies and a bit below 100 picture sets, it is at least good quality. The movies come in a good 876x480 resolution in WMV format and we can say that the image quality is good. Besides their exclusive scenes they offer a pretty decent sized archive with 100% feet fetish movies. The pictures are only available for the exclusive scenes and unfortunately not downloadable in one easy zip file. Also the movies are not streamable, so you must download them to be able to view them. In terms of being modern - no, they are not very modern with their technology. But in terms of quality and loyalty to their brand - yes, they are very loyal to their fetish, you will not find loads of other movies inside that you didn't sign up for, plus the movies come a very decent quality resolution. So if feet is your favorite fetish, this is definitely a stop you should make, because for those who adore the feet, they will adore these websites, 100% guaranteed.

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